Say hi to the safe, fiscally-responsible alternative to municipal benefit increases.

Taxpayers and local government employees want the same thing—the best care at the lowest possible price. With New Jersey Health Insurance Fund (hi), these goals no longer compete. It’s possible to achieve both.

New Jersey Health Insurance fund has the best record of pooling resources for public entities in state history. Our strength is our size and the safety and stability we deliver to members.

More than 230 members prove the power of the pool.

  • Provides greater accountability and transparency
  • Decreases overhead; streamlines claims and payments
  • Lowers claims costs through negotiation with area providers
  • Expands network access to specialized facilities
  • Provides support in bargaining unit contract negotiations
  • Offers employee education for benefits and ongoing wellness strategies
  • Delivers stress-free, one-stop billing, enrollment, cobra and retiree administration


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