Say hi! Dive in to New Jersey’s safest health insurance pool.

New Jersey Health Insurance Fund (hi) is built on the simple and powerful idea of shared services—a pool allowing municipalities, schools, and other public entities to give choice and value for employees while delivering savings for members.

The Fund’s combined purchase strength delivers flexible, affordable, and customizable health benefits for tens of thousands of plan participants. Owned and governed by its members, the surpluses belong to them—not insurance companies.

New Jersey Health Insurance Fund Quick Facts:

  • $638 million annual budget
  • $180 million in dividends since inception
  • 230 public entities in New Jersey
  • 71,000 plan participants
  • Safe, stable, transparent service record
  • Eliminates insurance company profit
  • Streamlined claims management and data reporting
  • Emphasizes the health and wellness of members
  • Members make the rules and design flexible plans
  • Members can duplicate existing plans or customize plans based on specific needs