Some doctors are saying that sitting is the new smoking. According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting, like smoking, is a pervasive problem that harms your health. Approximately 80 percent of Americans work a non-active job, making all-day sitting a common condition.

Lengthy, non-interrupted sitting causes poor circulation and low calorie burn and is linked to various health problems, including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, as well as stiffness, headaches, and sluggishness.

Your job may require you to spend a considerable amount of time at a desk, or maybe you’re fond of all-day movie marathons. Try these tips to sit less, move more and improve your health:

  • Stand while talking on the phone or watching television
  • Try a walking or standing meeting at work
  • Stand up and stretch at least every hour
  • Wear a pedometer and find ways to add steps into your daily routine
  • Take the stairs when possible
  • Consider walking or biking when commuting to work or running errands