Walk for Charity

Some people may be motivated to get fit by the thought of helping those in need. Select a good cause — or several — and encourage employees to participate in a charity walk/run. You could even sponsor one that starts at your workplace.

Walking Buddy

People are more likely to stick with their exercise plan when they have a buddy or group for motivation. Encourage employees to team up or form walking groups. Also, hand out maps of walking routes that begin and end at the workplace.

Pre-Shift Stretching

If sprains, strains, and back pain are common occurrences at your job site, group stretching before the start of each shift can help improve job performance and prevent injury. Even for those at desk jobs, a morning stretch or yoga class can get the blood flowing and increase energy levels for the rest of the day.

Company Softball Game

Turn your annual picnic into a fun and active day on the baseball diamond. Provide healthy drinks and lunch. Throwing, catching, and running around the bases will build morale and improve fitness at the same time.

Bike Racks

Offer convenient, safe, and highly visible locations for employees to park their bicycles.

Flexible Schedules

Offer flexible work hours to allow time for exercising during the day.

Walking Meetings

When feasible, suggest that employees engage in “walk and talk” meetings, rather than sitting in a conference room.